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Using Zoflora in vehicles

Zoflora multi-purpose concentrated disinfectant is so versatile it can even be used in cars and other vehicles to combat the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Caravan surfaces
Surfaces can become breeding grounds for bacteria, especially in small, enclosed spaces like caravans. While worktops and other areas may look clean, they can harbour unwanted germs. Wiping down surfaces with Zoflora can disinfect these areas and kill any harmful bacteria
Image by Izabela Mierzejewski
Wipe it
Simply dilute 1 capful of your favourite Zoflora into 400ml of water, either into a trigger spray bottle or into a bucket of warm water. Use the diluted solution to wipe down surfaces with a clean cloth. Do not use Zoflora on any polished wood surfaces.
Car interior
Everyone loves that new car smell, but it doesn't last long. And beyond bad odours, it can be easy to overlook the build-up of bacteria on handles, dials and other car surfaces.
Car Stereo Replacement
Wipe it
By using Zoflora to disinfect the interior of your car, you will not only kill any harmful bacteria and viruses, but also leave a fragrant smell within your car! Simply wipe down using a cloth which has been soaked in diluted Zoflora at a ratio of 1 to 40.
Caravan sink and taps
Just like in your home, sinks and taps in caravans can also harbour nasty bacteria and viruses. Using Zoflora will ensure that you remove these and stop germs from spreading.
Scrubbing the Sink
Wipe it
To disinfect the sink and taps, spray down the area with a trigger spray of diluted Zoflora and wipe down the entire area with a cloth.  Bonus tip: pour 1 capful of Zoflora straight down the plug holes to kill bacteria and viruses, whilst also getting rid of unpleasant smells.
Horse trailors and boxes
A horse trailer or box can be the perfect environment for germs  to live and breed. Zoflora kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses making it the perfect companion for such areas, whilst also freshening and eliminating odours in the area
Horse in Stable
Mop it
Add 4 capfuls of Zoflora per 1.6L of water into a bucket, then simply wipe down, mop, or use a stiff brush on the areas you want to clean. Leave to dry completely before allowing horses to return to the area.

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Always use Zoflora safely

Do not use on polished wood, painted, varnished or composite granite surfaces.

Allow a contact time of 5 minutes.

Do not mix with other cleaning products.

Dilute 1 part Zoflora to 40 parts water. - E.g. 1 capful of Zoflora (10ml) added to 400ml of water.

Do not spray directly onto or near to open flames or electronic devices.

Make sure to exclude pets from the area until surfaces are completely dry.

Always check the manufacturer's guidelines before using Zoflora on your bin.

Remember that Zoflora maintains its germ-killing power for 2 weeks once diluted.

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